How do we work?

Our work is a dialogue between us and you, as a customer. Each step, mock-up, design, etc. we are going to wait for your comments, so you could know for sure the work is done properly. This collaboration is essential for productive relationships, which we’re striving for. You can contact us as much as you like to make all changes your project needs to be launched successfully.


This step involves preliminary collection of needed data, such as about your brand, your goals and market. Then we build the mock-up for your website and make sure each part of it will fulfill your needs and will be understandable at each page.

Identity & Design

The next step enlivens the mock-up from the last step. We add some visual data, coordinate the colour palettes etc. Here we can also give you some advices accordingly to the vision of our professional designers, and provide you with some options to choose.

Build & Development

Further the mock-up should be gathered together with all other parts of the website. And our team is watchful to be sure all elements of the project work properly and according to your idea. And only then we can transfer it to the QA team members before you can see it's done.

Flexible Solution

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Expert Team

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